LinkedIn Profile Optimization Process

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You are only 5 steps away from an Optimized LinkedIn Profile!


Step 1: The process starts with you sending us your current resume, website(s) URL’s, social media links, and any electronic marketing material for your business.

Step 2: A consultation phone call is scheduled (approximately a 45 min. phone call) where we use our exclusive Online Profile Assessment process to gather the key elements based on your professional, business and/or career objectives. From this information we write your profile showcasing key values and achievements.

Step 3: A draft of your profile is sent to you based on our exclusive Online Profile assessment results for your review.

Step 4: Once the draft is approved we will use your LinkedIn credentials to upload the information to your LinkedIn profile for you.

Step 5: We’ll notify you once your profile is uploaded for a final review to ensure your complete satisfaction. Once your final approval is received, we’ll notify you that your LinkedIn Profile has been Optimized!


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