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Sales & Marketing Consulting

Are you a solopreneur, entrepreneur or small business owner striving to be successful yet struggling in your business? Our services are designed to help YOU create clarity, facilitate focus and to empower you to reach results.

We help you assess, build and implement the best online and offline sales strategies to drive traffic and generate relationships with new prospects to turn them into clients.

Manifestability offers a number of Sales and Marketing Consulting Services to support you and your business success!

Business Focus Blueprint

Small business owners wear a lot of hat in their day to day business and as a result can have challenges working on their business vs. in their business. We assist in providing clarity and focus so you stop working as hard in your business by creating a Business Focus Blueprint using Mind Mapping as a tool. Learn More…

Sales & Marketing Blueprint

We conduct an analysis and work collaboratively with you in creating a business, sales and marketing blueprint based on your key business objectives. We construct this using Mind Mapping as a tool to develop a visual blueprint to support you in achieving your goals. Learn More…

Website Creation

Are you a soloprenuer starting your business and require a website? Manifestability can help. With our Sales & Marketing Consulting Services we’ll work with you to create a plan for your business and have your website reflect what you are wanting to achieve.

Clarity, Focus, Results

[button link=http://www.manifestability.com/contact-us align=”right” size=”large”]Start Today![/button]You know you need a stronger online presence yet not sure where to start? Are you confused by social media? Manifestability can help you! Our Sales and Marketing Consulting services are about facilitating you to Clarity, Focus, Results! Ready to take the next step?

Shannon is very talented in capturing the core essence of my message. Cate Collins, CEO Powerful Journey Consulting

I highly recommend her services and will consult with her again in the future. Piroska Bata, R.N. Manager

Shannon is someone who has had a profoundly positive effect on my life and business. I highly recommend her services. Kent Shaver, Professional Makeup Artist